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A few words about our most popular Weight Loss plan
Depending on your size at the start of your program, you should expect to lose between 3-4 Kg or more, in the first month, then 2-3 Kg or more month afterwards depending on how well you manage to keep to the new eating plan! The number of visits you make, will ensure how much weight you need to lose and how successful you are at your diet. Our success as a clinic is based on our number of satisfied patients. Over 80% of new patients are referred to us from former patients, who have been successful in losing weight and have enjoyed their programs with us.



         Dt. Lavleen Kaur dietinsight

         M.Sc. Foods & Nutrition, PGDFW # 3278 / Sec 21-D
         PGI, INSCOL (Ex-Intern) Chandigarh (U.T.)
         Life Member - Indian Dietetic Association India 0172-4569278
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